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Tips for shipping fragile goods

Monday, October 4th, 2010

People shipping antique, artworks, or luxurious items that may cost thousands of dollars, might discover that the container holding the goods was damaged due to rough handling or accidents. The thought itself is enough to create anxiety among shippers. However, there are other options for moving consignment. This article presents some ideas for shipping fragile items.

First, before choosing the type of shipping, consider the value and the weight of the consignment. A standard postal method is best for sending small items that are worth not more than $100, but if you are thinking of moving a heavier objects, say that more than 40lbs or worth more than $100, then choose an alternate shipping method like trucking service or overnight delivery services.

Packing is the most important part of shipping, especially when mailing delicate items. Make sure to wrap the item well and secure it with a tape. It is better to use extra padding, such as shredded paper, hay or foam. In addition, use a box approximate to the size and shape. Do not send the merchandise out in an excessively larger container to prevent the goods from moving and hitting against each other or the container’s wall. One way of better protecting the merchandise, is to place the package inside a bigger box to double the protection. Make sure the box is well sealed and use a “Fragile” label to avoid mishandling.

Last and most importantly, carefully choose a cargo insurance that covers the shipped item for its true value. Request information from to get a cargo insurance that serves your purpose.

Move your expensive items anywhere in the world with the assurance that they are completely covered and protected