Keep on Trucking: Cargo Insurance for Truck Freight Shipping

Whether your cargo is being delivered to a port of export or being shipped to customers on this continent, you are using inland freight to get your products where they need to go. Whether you ship small or large amounts of cargo, more than half of all cargo in the United States is sent by road freight. It is important to protect your cargo when shipping by road freight, and cargo insurance is the best way to provide that coverage.

Unlike shipping by rail or ocean, road freight cargo insurance is generally designed to protect the shipping company and the truck driver, rather than the owner of the cargo. Because most shipping companies and drivers carry substantial coverage, cargo owners can easily shortchange themselves by not including additional cargo insurance to protect their investment. Your cargo is best protected when everyone involved in the shipment – customer and cargo owner, trucker, and trucking company – all have adequate coverage. If you are someone who is involved in road freight, what should you consider when evaluating your insurance quotes?

Here are critical components to keep in mind:

  • Total Loss Coverage- This is defined as no matter what happens to the cargo – collision, fire, acts of God– your goods are covered. However, it only covers your cargo if the entire shipment is destroyed.
  • Basic Risk Coverage- this is similar to the Total Loss Coverage, but also includes theft or non-delivery.
  • All Risk Coverage- this is the most comprehensive cargo insurance coverage available for road freight, and covers both full cargo loss and partial. It also includes additional coverage for things such as employee strikes, war, civil disruptions, duty, and adds in “door to door” coverage for your cargo.
  • Door to Door coverage – your cargo is covered while it is in the possession of the shipping company. However, once it is delivered by that shipping company, it might need additional coverage. Examples of this would be if your goods were at a dock or in a warehouse.

Are you the owner of a shipping company, a long distance trucker, or the customer needing to ship your cargo across the country using road freight? If so, cargo insurance is a critical element to protecting you and your cargo. Shopping online for road freight cargo insurance is the best way to find the best policy for your needs. Be sure to use to receive quotes from multiple companies.